Bathrooms have gone from places where you just go to wash up to being fully immersive, therapeutic rooms where you can spend hours on end taking care of yourself.

To reflect this evolution, all bathroom appliances have changed – including and especially toilets. People looking to evolve with the times will be paying attention to some of the latest bathroom trends, and they will come to find that 10-inch rough-in toilets are the latest rave.

Given the number of options available, however, it could be challenging to make a pick. So, we’ve gone ahead to give you some pointers. Look through and see which works best for you:

1. KOHLER K-3851-0 Cimarron Comfort Height Two-Piece Toilet

Kohler has grown to be one of the most popular manufacturers of toilets and kitchenware in the world, and the KOHLER K-3851-0 Cimarron Comfort Height Two-Piece Toilet is one of the reasons why the brand is such a household name today.

The KOHLER Cimarron meets the right standards for ADA compliance, and it comes with the proper seat height, mixed with elongation and a simple flushing system.

The Cimarron comes in 2 pieces, with a fully glazed trap way and a lovely mix of both ceramic and vitreous China as materials.

However, perhaps the most impressive feature of the toilet is its AquaPiston, which allows more water into the toilet bowl from every point on the rim’s perimeter. The AquaPiston also adds some more power, thus improving the efficiency of the entire flushing mechanism.

When you go #2 here (I’m sure you know what I mean *winks*), you won’t need to spend hours labouring away at the flushing mechanism before you dispose of your waste and you’re out of the trouble.

Each flush provides about 1.28 gallons of water, which is pretty impressive generally. Thanks to this low consumption rate and the toilet’s ability to clean the entire bowl in one flush, it optimized flushing efficiency quite well.

The toilet comes with the highest standards in cleaning capacity. The manufacturers claim that it’s WaterSense-certified and cleaning the toilet is also easy since it doesn’t come with any special coatings.

Installation is also pretty easy. All you will need are T-bolts, the toilet seat, and a new trap seal. However, you should probably get a professional to help with the installation process.

The Cimarron also incorporates Kohler’s patented DryLock system, which allows you to attach the tank effortlessly without having to get any bolt holes. With no bolt hols present, the DryLock installation system ensures that you won’t have to deal with water leakage as a result of fastener and seal deteriorations in the future. It’s little wonder how the product made it atop the 10-inch rough-in toilet list.

Key Features

  1. AquaPiston flushing mechanism
  2. DryLock installation system
  3. Comfort-height design

What We Like

  1. The toilet is easy to install
  2. Its flushing capacity is optimized
  3. The toilet is a two-piece, so installation is easier

What We Don’t Like

  1. The base of the toilet will make it a tad difficult to use a plunger. It’s not much of a problem, of course, since you won’t necessarily need a plunger with this toilet.
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2. Kohler K-3889-0 Highline Comfort Height 10-inch Rough-in Toilets

It would seem like we were paid by the good people at Kohler to put two of their products on this list, but we weren’t. Apparently, if you’re good, you’re just good.

Next on our list of best 10-inch rough-in toilets is the Kohler K-3889-0 Highline Comfort Height Rough-In Toilet – a product which might not be as good as the one before it, but which does a pretty good job and holds its own nonetheless.

Like the previous Kohler toilet, this one also comes with useful water-saving capabilities. Its 1.28-gallon flush setting means that you’re saving time and money with every flush, and the toilet is also WaterSense-certified.

While we already know about Kohler’s toilets and their water savings, you’ll also love to know that this toilet comes with optimal flushing power. The flush is of high quality (of course, given that it’s Kohler), so you can be rest assured that your waste will go down in one flush.

This particular toilet comes with a canister flush valve that reduces the likelihood of clogs without consuming too much water, thus improving waste disposal efficiency and your ability to clean the toilet.

The elongated toilet bowl is another premium quality with this model. It’s more comfortable to use, and the elegance speaks for itself.  The Comfort Height feature means that you get between 17 to 19 inches from the floor to the seat, as opposed to the regular 15 inches. The toilet might require additional space, but as long as you’ve got that space, you’ll find that it’s a joy to use.

Of course, the fact that this is a 10 inch rough in toilet means that there are no supply lines. That feature almost makes up for the additional space that you’ll need because of the Comfort Height and the elongated design.

Installation is also straightforward on this toilet, as its tank bolts come pre-installed. However, you will need to keep in mind that there’s no toilet seat included here. While it provides an opportunity for you to get a toilet seat that you’re more comfortable with, it’s still a bit of a let-down nonetheless.

Key Features

  • Comfort Height feature
  • Canister flush valve
  • Elongated bowl

What We Like

  1. The toilet’s got a sleek design
  2. Comfort Height makes sitting on the toilet easier
  3. Class Five bulk waste flushing performance

What We Don’t Like

  1. The toilet doesn’t come with its own seat.
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3. TOTO Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank

If you’re looking for a mixture of contemporary design and reliable functionality, then the TOTO Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank is a good way for you to go.

The toilet comes in an all-white contemporary design that fits the look of a modern bathroom that you’re most likely looking for. It has a vitreous China build, so you know it’ll last and look good as well.

Well, that’s great. Now, it’s time to see how well this product holds up against the best of the best.

On the TOTO Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank, you get a high-performance, commercial-grade G-max flushing system, as well as a flushing vale that measures 3 inches. In terms of flushing power and speed, there’s hardly a way you can beat that.

The flush valve on the toilet is also 125 percent larger than what you’ll get with a conventional toilet, and you get 1.6 gallons of water used on a single flush it’s not the most economical. But it does get the job done nonetheless.

The bowl also comes with the elongated design, as well as an eco-friendly build. These fit into the wheelhouse of anyone who loves the environment. The eco-friendly component comes from the incorporation of a low-consumption design, as well as a 6 Lpf/1.6 Gpf siphon jet flushing action.

The SoftClose seat has an ergonomic design that provides a perfect fit and optimal comfort.

You’ll also love the fact that this is one silent toilet. Whether you’ve got to flush once or twice, you won’t need to let everyone in the house know you’re taking a #2.

The bowl and tank on this toilet are also computer-designed. The trap way is fully glazed, and it’s also about 2 1/8 inches larger than what you get with conventional models. As expected, installation is also easy, thanks in no small part to the smooth floor mounting design. The entire product weighs 19.5 pounds, so moving it is easy too.

Key Features

  1. Eco-friendly build
  2. Optimal durability
  3. Vitreous China material

What We Like

  1. 6 Lpf/1.6 Gpf siphon jet flushing
  2. The flusher is stable and noiseless
  3. It’s eco-friendly 

What We Don’t Like

  1. The ridge on the bowl design makes it has a stain
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4. American Standard 221AB004.020 Colony Toilet

As can be expected from any product on our list of best 10-inch rough-in toilets, the American Standard 221AB004.020 Colony toilet comes in with a lovely and stylish design.

The product is made of the ubiquitous Vitreous China, and thanks to the 10 inch rough in architecture, it’s especially great for small bathrooms and stalls. The al-white finish should also be mentioned, as it makes the entire frame look more refined.

However, the look isn’t the only thing that this toilet has going for it. It’s easy to use and install, thanks in no small part to the two-piece build. The 2-inch trap way and 2-inch flush valve help it to clear waste effectively. The toilet consumes 1.6 gallons of water per flush as well, so you will at least be conserving water.

If you’re the type of person who does all they can to protect the environment, then using this toilet will make your #2 time even more rewarding. It might not come with the flushing power of a lot of other options on this list, but it’s still considerable for everyday use.

One of the most appealing features, however, is the fact that the toilet comes with a Power Wash rim. The feature makes it easier for the toilet to stay clean, so you can rest assured that it will still look lovely once you flush its content away.

With this toilet, no particle is left behind in the bowl when you flush. Of course, the toilet also comes with the right height design, so users, regardless of their height or age, will be able to use it comfortably.

With a comfortable use and simple installation process, the American Standard 221AB004.020 Colony toilet is the perfect fit for anyone.

Key Features

  1. Low water consumption
  2. 2-inch flush valve
  3. Power Wash rim

What We Like

  1. Cleaning this toilet is simple and convenient
  2. You conserve water with each flush
  3. The toilet looks great
  4. Its height fits different users

What We Don’t Like

  1. It’s not WaterSense certified
  2. Its flushing efficiency isn’t the best
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5. American Standard Cadet 3 Round Toilet

Generally, the American Standard Cadet 3 design is one of the most popular builds for 10 inch rough-in toilets. They combine an easy-to-clean body with a sleek design, and their performance doesn’t lag too.

With the American Standard Cadet 3 Round Toilet, this trend continues. It’s a two-piece, so you get the toilet bowl and the tank separately in the package. This makes for easier installation and use, and it also keeps the entire frame much lighter and easier to move when the time comes.

In terms of performance, the product doesn’t lag either. The toilet uses 1.28 gallons of water in a single flush, so you’ll be saving a great deal of water when you’re done using it. That’s got to feel good, especially for the environmentally-conscious folks.

This option comes with a fully glazed, 2 1/8-inch siphon trap way that has no choke points. A 2-inch ball pass also helps it to avoid any instances of clogging.

The all-white build always looks great, of course, and thanks to the Vitreous China construction, you can rest assured that the toilet is easy to clean and work with. It’s also very durable, so you get sufficient long-term use for this. The body is guaranteed to keep its aesthetic for long too.

The manufacturers have also thrown in the EverClean antimicrobial surface, which prevents the growth of bacteria, moulds, and mildew that can cause stains and odors. Thus, the toilet will maintain its cleanliness for longer after you wash it. Say goodbye to the chore of having to clean your toilet once every three days.

As expected, the toilet is also very comfortable. The elongated bowl design, mixed with the standard toilet height, make the toilet perfect for people of all heights and ages. The trip lever on this toilet is also located on the left-hand side, and it’s got a self-closing seat.

Key Features

  1. Fully glazed trap way
  2. Elongated bowl
  3. EverClean antimicrobial surface

What We Like

  1. The toilet is easy to install
  2. It saves a lot of water
  3. The toilet repels stains and odors pretty well

What We Don’t Like

  1. Customers have complained that the self-closing toilet seat isn’t so comfortable.
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6. The American Standard 2988101.020 Cadet 3 FloWise Toilet

The American Standard 2988101.020 Cadet 3 FloWise Toilet is another impressive product from the good people at American Standard. It’s a bit unconventional, but in the world of best 10-inch rough-in toilets, this has a significant claim to stake.

Like every other toilet, the first thing you’ll notice on this one is its external build. The Cadet is 17 inches tall – the ideal toilet height, especially for older people and those who have mobility challenges. You’ll also appreciate the smooth, flat exterior – it doesn’t trap dust like a lot of toilets, so it’s pretty easy to clean as well.

As for functionality, the toilet also packs a pretty strong punch. The Power Wash feature is present here, thanks to a 3-inch flush valve. Thanks to this slightly larger valve, more water can flow into the toilet bowl, thus providing greater flushing force.

Rest assured that each flush will empty the bowl.

The Power Wash rim itself uses faster-moving water to clean the bowl. By swapping speed for quantity, the toilet effectively saves you a significant amount of water. It only uses 1.28 gallons per flush, with the ability to take out 2.2 pounds of waste in a full sweep.

The trap way on the Cadet 3 also measures over 2 inches in diameter.  This preserves the strength of the flush, while also preventing any clogs on the toilet directly.

Users will also love the EverClean feature on this toilet. The toilet itself is double-coated, and it’s smooth enough to resist the growth of any stain or odor-causing microbes.

When combined with the Power Wash rim, you’ll find that the toilet is more or less capable of cleaning itself out when it needs to. So, you don’t have to clean the toilet every now and then

The bowl on this toilet is 16.5 inches tall. So, depending on the seat you choose to bring, you can get a height between 17 and 17.5 inches. Perfectly comfortable. However, you’ll find that this toilet comes with a round bowl. It’s not quite as comfortable as the elongated bowl, but it gets the job done – especially for people who have smaller bathrooms.

Key Features

  1. EverClean technology
  2. Power Wash rim
  3. Wider trap way

What We Like

  1. The toilet is virtually self-cleaning
  2. It’s comfortable
  3. It fits into smaller bathrooms seamlessly

What We Don’t Like

  1. The round bowl is a tad uncomfortable
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7. Kohler 528554 K-3713-0 Toilet Review

The Kohler 528554 K-3713-0 Toilet is an excellent option for people who would like that additional level of comfort, as well as a pure mix of efficiency and cleanliness when they’re installing a toilet. With a great height and the essential features, this toilet provides all you need in a simple build. 

As expected, the toilet looks good. It’s got an all-white build and a Vitreous China material, which will fit the quintessential modern bathroom setting. However, there’s also an option to get an all-black one as well. Now, that’s not something you see every day.

The addition of comfort height is an excellent feature on this toilet. Thanks to the function, the toilet will be able to provide excellent support for everyone – especially for people who have bad backs or difficulties with body positioning.

With the toilet, you won’t have to squat much whenever you need to go #2. So, owners won’t need to put much of a strain on their backs when sitting or standing up – if you are an elderly, you might want to have a look at the raised toilet seats specially for seniors. If you’ve been dealing with a back issue or mobility problems, then this is a great feature to have.

There’s also the incorporation of operational efficiency. The Kohler 528554 K-3713-0 Toilet packs a lot of power in a flush, but still uses just 1.28 gallons of water.  Thanks to Class Five (R) flushing technology, you can rest assured that waste will be eliminated from the bowl in a single flush.

There’s also a canister flush valve that provides easy flushing and consistent water consumption. Homeowners looking to save on their utility bills and be energy-efficient will love this option.

The toilet itself also has the power to push larger loads straight from the bowl, as well as other materials that are stuck on the bowl’s side. When you spend money on this toilet, you won’t need a plunger.

The toilet’s features also come pre-assembled and easy to install. However, keep in mind that the wax ring doesn’t come with the package, and neither does the toilet seat.

Key Features

  1. Canister flush valve
  2. Class Five (R) flushing technology
  3. Two-piece build

What We Like

  1. Lesser clogs
  2. The toilet conserves water
  3. Comfort height improves convenience

What We Don’t Like

  1. You will need to get some additional parts before you install the toilet
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8. American Standard 221DB104.020 Colony Toilet

Another product from the famous manufacturer, the American Standard 221DB104.020 Colony Toilet is a pretty solid choice on all fronts. While it doesn’t top our list of best 10-inch rough-in toilets, it does meet all your convenience needs for sure.

The design isn’t anything new. The toilet is all-white, and its Vitreous China material has become an industry standard. So, in terms of build quality, you won’t be missing anything at all.

However, the manufacturers have also touted its raw power and durability. That might explain why it weighs a bit more than a lot of the other options here. Still, it’s a considerable trade-off nonetheless – one that can help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Moving on to performance. The American Standard 221DB104.020 Colony Toilet fires on all cylinders – something we’ve come to expect from all products that come from this manufacturer. It uses 1.28 gallons of water on a single flush, and thanks to a High-Efficiency Toilet (HET) feature, it’s able to get out large amounts of waste at once.

It’s worth noting that the flushing power isn’t as much as a lot of other toilets. So, you might have to flush once or twice to get all of your waste out of the toilet bowl. Still, it conserves a significant amount of water, so you’re still being energy-efficient moving forward.

There’s also the incorporation of the Power Wash rim, which scrubs the entire bowl with every flush. No need for a plunger or any additional cleaning equipment when you get this one. The toilet is also essentially self-cleaning, so the task of washing your toilet several times a week is taken off your shoulders.

Moving on, the elongated toilet design is a worthy mention too. It ensures that you will be able to enjoy optimal comfort when you sit. While there’s no comfort height here to provide easy standing, the toilet is still comfortable and convenient in its own right.  

However, it’s also worth noting that there’s no wax ring kit and toilet seat in the package. You will need to get those separately.

Key Features

  1. Power Wash rim
  2. Elongated seat design
  3. High-Efficiency Toilet (HET)

What We Like

  1. It saves water
  2. It’s comfortable to sit on
  3. It includes color match bowl caps.

What We Don’t Like

  1. It doesn’t come with all its required components
  2. It’s heavier than a lot of other toilets
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9. Kohler K-3999-47 Highline Toilet

The Kohler K-3999-47 Highline Toilet is much more than just a decent offering on our list. The toilet is a premium option by all standards, and it has comfort as its most significant selling point.

We all know the drill with design, so there’s not much in spending too much time there. An all-white build makes this product look great, and the Vitreous China construction is a reliable, durable option any day. There’s also a sleek chrome lever that gives the toilet a modern look.

However, it’s also worth noting that the product is resistant to scratches and impact so that it won’t lose its aesthetic appeal over time. If you’re looking to buy one toilet that will last you for aeons, then you really ought to consider the Kohler K-3999-47.

The toilet measures 16.5 inches from the floor, and thanks to the elongated design and Comfort Height feature, it makes standing up and sitting down as easy as possible. For people with mobility issues or pains in their back, this is a surefire way to do your business seamlessly.

The toilet also comes with the Class Five (R) flushing technology, as well as a canister valve. Both ensure optimal flushing strength, allowing you to get all the water out of the toilet bowl in one flush.  

Speaking of the flush, the toilet doesn’t use much water. A single flush will cost you 1.6 gallons of water- it’s not the most economical, but it’s also considerably eco-friendlier than a lot of the other toilets out there.

Installation is also quite easy. You can install the toilet without any professional help – just get some essential tools, and you’re on the way.

However, it’s worth noting that the toilet itself doesn’t come with its own seat. You will need to get your seat separately, but you can take solace in being able to find one that works perfectly for you. The toilet already has 3 bolds pre-mounted, so installing your seat is easy.

Key Features

  1. Comfort Height
  2. Vitreous China construction
  3. Class Five (R) flushing technology

What We Like

  1. The toilet is easy to install
  2. The toilet’ canister valve will provide smooth and easy suction that will help eliminate waste
  3. Comfort height makes it easy to stand and sit

What We Don’t Like

  1. The toilet doesn’t come with a seat
  2. Its trap way is also small and can get clogged rather often

10. STERLING 402210-0 Windham Toilet

Here’s a manufacturer name you’ve not seen too often on our list of best 10-inch rough-in toilets. The STERLING 402210-0 Windham Toilet is a bit of an outsider, but don’t let that fool you; this one packs quite the punch as well.

To start with, the manufacturers did rather well with the build. It’s nothing out of the ordinary (Vitreous China material with an all-white design), but they added some additional gloss to make the product more durable and non-porous. As long as you don’t hit your head against it or stub your toe while passing it, this toilet’s durability will be a good thing.

As per flushing efficiency, you’re getting pretty much everything you need in here. The toilet uses 1.6 gallons of water in a single flush, so while it’s not WaterSense certified, it’s still very economical in the long run.

The manufacturers have also assured users that they will be able to get all of their waste out in a single flush.

The toilet also incorporates the popular elongated bowl design, so it provides optimal comfort when you sit and doesn’t make it too difficult for you to stand up from the toilet also.

As for installation, you’re getting everything you need here. The product is easy to set up, and thanks to the three-bolt, quick-connect installation system, you will be able to get the toilet setup without any professional help as well.

However, like a lot of other products on the list, you will need to keep in mind that the toilet doesn’t come with a seat.

Key Features

  1. Elongated toilet bowl
  2. Non-porous build
  3. Three-bolt, quick-connect system

What We Like

  1. The toilet is easy to install
  2. It’s very comfortable
  3. The additional durability makes the toilet great for people looking at a long-term bathroom appliance.

What We Don’t Like

  1. The toilet doesn’t come with a seat
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11. Kohler K-3713-7 Highline Classic Toilet

The Kohler K-3713-7 Highline Classic Toilet is a revamped version of the Kohler 528554 K-3713-0 Toilet, which features higher on our list of best 10 inch rough in toilets. It doesn’t provide quite the same level of efficiency and advanced features as the latter, but it still meets your needs rather well.

To begin with, this product is available in both white and black hues. Both are made of Vitreous China, of course, so you’re not missing anything in terms of build quality and product durability at all.

Being able to select between the all-white and the all-black build is an added advantage that should be mentioned. It doesn’t quite make this toilet better than the latter, but at least it gets one leg up in this aspect.

The toilet also comes with the manufacturer’s Comfort Height feature, which makes it seamless and convenient whenever you want to sit or stand up. The Comfort Height feature takes it between 17 and 19 inches, so you can sit on it regardless of your age or height and be comfortable.

Moving on to functionality, you’re getting a sizable number here too. The Kohler K-3713-7 Highline Classic Toilet uses 1.28 gallons of water in a single flush – the same as its predecessor. There’s also the inclusion of Class Five (R) flushing technology, which ensures that you’re able to get out all the waste in a single flush.

The manufacturers also claim that you can get best-in-class cleanliness from the same feature. In that case, you’ll be getting quite a lot.

Finish it off with a canister flush valve that ensures smooth, seamless flushing, and you’ve got just about all you need.

Setup and installation are easy, but like a lot of toilets, this one also doesn’t come with a lid or a wax ring. You can get those separately, of course, and the manufacturers have assured that any wax ring will work well with the toilet.

Key Features

  1. Class Five (R) flushing technology
  2. Water-saving
  3. Comfort Height

What We Like

  1. The toilet is easy to use
  2. It saves water
  3. Flushing is convenient

What We Don’t Like

  1. You’ll have to purchase a lid and wax ring separately
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12. STERLING 402210-0 Windham Elongated Toilet

The STERLING 402210-0 Windham Elongated Toilet is another impressive product that’s earned its place on our list of the best 10-inch rough-in toilets. It’s a two-piece toilet that is portable and sleek enough to fit into a small bathroom.

The STERLING 402210-0 Windham Elongated Toilet doesn’t take much space, and it’s a great addition for any bathroom whatsoever. The materials and build are the same – Vitreous China and all-white respectively – so you get the usual benefits of aesthetic appeal and durability.

As its name suggests, the toilet comes with an elongated bowl, which provides additional comfort. This option extends out at another 1½ inches, especially compared to the generic toilets with round configurations.

The toilet takes out 1.6 gallons of water, which is rather economical. The toilet might not be WaterSense certified, but it’s still effective at saving you water in the long run. The trap way on the toilet is also 2 inches wide, so you might have to flush more than once when you’re done using the toilet.

Note that the manufacturers claim that you’ll be able to get your waste out of the toilet in one flush. We’ll take their word for it, of course. 

It’s not the most convenient of the bunch, but again, there’s a reason why it’s so low on the list.

The toilet, however, is pretty easy to install. There’s an extra-secure mount installation with the product, as well as a three-piece quick-connect installation system. Both of these features make it possible for you to install the toiled and set it up without the help of a professional plumber.

Just get some basic tools, and you’ll be ready to go.

Key Features

  1. Three-bolt quick-connect installation system
  2. Elongated bowl
  3. Vitreous China construction

What We Like

  1. Easy installation
  2. It’s much cheaper than a lot of the other products
  3. It comes with everything you need to install

What We Don’t Like

  1. It doesn’t conserve water like a lot of other products on the list
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What We Considered Before Choosing The Best 10-Inch Rough-In Toilets 

Before you get a 10-inch rough-in toilet, there are several factors that you will need to consider. Here are some of them, and the yardsticks that we measured out top sections against:


If you are looking to add some other things to your bathroom (say, perhaps, a cabinet), then you’ll need as much space as you can get. To that end, you might need a smaller toilet – maybe one with a smaller tank or toilet bowl.

Water-Saving Features

How many gallons of water does your desired toilet use in a single flush? This is important because several environmental regulators – including and especially the Environmental protection Agency – have strict rules on water conservation. Ay toilet that uses more than 2 gallons in a flush isn’t compliant with the regulations, and it will end up costing you in terms of utility bills going forward.

Powerful Flush

You should also consider the strength and efficiency of the flush. If a toilet conserves water but isn’t strong enough to get all your waste at a time, then it’s not so practical.

Ease of Installation

The best 10-inch rough-in toilets are easy to set up and install. For some, you might not even need a professional plumber to get the installation done. This way, you get to save some money as well.


The best 10-inch rough-in toilets incorporate several features to make you feel comfortable – especially when you sit down and stand up. You should consider this, as it will help determine how easy you find it to go #2.

Available Colors

The quintessential toilet is white. We know this. However, some people would like to get something in a different color, depending on the design of their bathroom. It’s not overly critical, but it’s something you might want to consider.

Final Thoughts

When you’re trying to switch your bathroom up, you’ll have quite a lot to do. However, the toilet is one of the most important fixtures of any bathroom, and it’s one of the few appliances that can reflect how modern your space is.

With any of the best 10-inch rough-in toilets we’ve listed above, you’ll be able to reflect this modernity easily – and they won’t put too much of a strain also. That’s a win-win any day.