Dual flush toilets are awesome for people who might not need to use so much water. Sometimes, you could just need a light flush to take away pee, and this will demand less water use than when you go #2.

The best dual flush toilets understand this distinction, and they provide effective flushing to ensure that you have the best of both worlds – lighter flushing for when you pee, and heavier flushing for when it’s solid waste.

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We took the time out to check and review some of the best dual flush toilets on the market. See, and decide on what you think:

1. American Standard H2 Option Siphonic Dual Flush Toilet

We believe that the American Standard Siphonic H2Option toilet is the best dual flush toilet on the market. Apart from the fact that the company itself has built a reputation for making some great toilets, this option especially delivers on what being a dual flush toilet is.

Here, the most significant benefit that you enjoy is optimal flush power. The press of a button will help you top flush out solids – quietly, cleanly, and at once.

The toilet releases 1 gallon of water per flush in the liquid waste option, while the solid waste option releases 1.6 gallons. It’s not the most economical option out there, but given its efficiency with flushing, we’ll let that slide.

The toilet also uses siphonic technology to add additional boost to the water it flushes. The technology has become a regular in American Standard products, and it’s quickly growing on customers.

The toilet even takes care of all cat waste as well. if you’ve got a pet and you’ve tried flushing cat litter through an older toilet, you’ll know it’s no mean feat. This, with the fact that the flush is very quiet, is just a beauty. 

You also get a pressurized rim and a jet-powered stream, both of which will help to discharge water into the toilet from small holes to ensure a powerful flush.

Key Features

  1. Siphonic technology
  2. ADA compliant
  3. Round shape

What We Like

  1. Toilet flushes quietly
  2. It’s eco-friendly
  3. Optimal flush power

What We Don’t Like

  1. The toilet seat is sold separately
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2. Toto Aquia II

The Toto Aquia II is another great dual flush toilet that deserves a spot on our list. Like American Standard, Toto has also done pretty good for itself in the toilet manufacturing space, and they’ve given us a product that looks and works like a pro.

The Toto Aquia II has a compact and sleek design that’s able to complement the interior design scheme of just about any bathroom. If you’ve got a vintage bathroom or a contemporary one, it doesn’t matter – the toilet works for them all.

The toilet comes with a skirted bottom, which makes cleaning as easy as possible by taking out any edges and corners that you get with the traditional toilets.

Like the product above, the Toto Aquia II comes with two chrome buttons on the tank that control the volume of water in a flush. The lighter flush gets you 0.9 gallons of water in a flush, while the heavy flush takes it a tad higher with 1.6 gallons. Pretty eco-friendly, if you think about it.

The fact that the toilet will effectively empty your bowl in a single flush is a great benefit. The toilet’s material is also durable, so you know that purchasing this one is an investment in a more long-term product that will serve you for years.

Note that the toilet also comes in both the round and elongated toilet designs. So, you’re free to choose which works best for you. It’s a two-piece toilet, so

Key Features

  1. Sleek and compact design
  2. 0.9 gallons on the light flush
  3. 1.6 gallons on the heavy flush

What We Like

  1. Great for any bathroom you put it
  2. Easy installation
  3. Eco-friendly flushing

What We Don’t Like

  1. You need to hold the flushing buttons for 5 seconds for a flush
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3. KOHLER K-3987-0 Wellworth

It’s beginning to turn into the battle of who’s who on our list of the best dual flush toilets. Next on the list is the Kohler Wellworth, another product that’s manufactured by one of the most popular toilet makers in the world.

With the Kohler Wellworth, you get an attractive, unique design that is complemented by a sturdy build. With a seamless combination of strength and attractiveness, there’s no doubt that the product’s design team did a solid job on all fronts.

Note that you can get the toilet in three separate finishes and eight colors. No matter the design pattern of your toilet, you’ll be able to get a Kohler Wellworth that will fit effortlessly into it.

As expected, the most significant benefit of the Kohler Wellworth is its slushing mechanism. However, the toilet comes with a two-part lever that controls the flush – instead of others that have a lever. The longer lever, which is green, initiates the liquid waste, while the lower one initiates the heavy flush.

Note that the liquid and heavy flushes take 1.1 gallons and 1.6 gallons of water, respectively, in a single flush.

The toilet also comes with a siphoning and jet combination that provides additional flushing power for less water. The manufacturers have claimed that the toilet’s flushing power can handle about four times the amount of waste that the normal adult requires.

The inclusion of a lever design has essentially left the entire top of the toilet free. So, you can place stuff there if you like, or just leave it free to improve the aesthetic appeal of your toilet. Whatever you like. 

You’ll also not have to deal with buttons, which usually require holding for a few seconds to achieve a full flush. So, you’re winning on several grounds here.

Key Features

  1. Lever flush control
  2. Two-piece toilet
  3. Round toilet bowl

What We Like

  1. The lever design is an interesting bit
  2. Flushing mechanism conserves water
  3. Takes all your waste in one flush

What We Don’t Like

  1. The package doesn’t include the toilet seat

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4. Swiss Madison SM-1T112 Ivy One Piece Toilet

The Swiss Madison Ivy toilet is another toilet that does pretty good on all fronts. It’s an excellent fit for modern bathrooms, with a simple design that will make anyone happy to use it.

You’ll instantly fall in love with the toilet’s design, which doesn’t have any grooves that will be tough to clean. The toilet is also sleek and easy to maintain, thus providing a user experience that will be comfortable.

The toilet also has a sleek design, with smooth sides that won’t collect dirt easily. Instead of having to clean a toilet every week, you can keep this for a while and rest assured that it will be fine.

We’re going back to toilets that have levers on top of the tanks here, as the Swiss Madison has buttons at the conventional position. The toilet’ flushing power is 1.28 gallons of water across the board, so you’re getting a pretty good deal on all fronts.

The toilet also has a comfort height feature, as well as an elongated shape that will keep you comfortable when you sit on it. So, people who have mobility issues will also be able to use the toilet. If you’re looking to just sit on the toilet for hours on end, this is a great choice to get.

The toilet also provides a dual tornado flush system that helps it to consume as less water as possible. There’s little wonder why the toilet is WaterSense certified then, don’t you think? 

Key Features

  1. Soft Seat function
  2. WaterSense certified
  3. 1.28 gallons per flush

What We Like

  1. Water conservative
  2. Comfortable seat for prolonged use
  3. Repels dirt easily

What We Don’t Like

  1. Installing the toilet is a tad tricky and will need more than one person
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5. Renovator’s Supply Two-Piece Porcelain Toilet

Here’s a brand that you might not get to see every day when it comes to toilets. Renovator’s Supply isn’t so popular, but they sure know their stuff. With this toilet, they showed just that.

If you’re the type of person who loves toilets that have attractive and calm details, then you’ll love this baby here. Its ornate design is a breath of fresh air that will fit all forms of toilets, although it’s more of a better fit for vintage style toilets.

The Renovator’s Supply Porcelain toilet is a two-piece toilet, so installation and maintenance are as easy as you will need them to be. The toilet is also stain and scratch-resistant, so you won’t need much in terms of effort to clean it. The seat’s height is also pretty right since it’s not too low or too high.

On this baby, the half flush feature uses 0.8 gallons of water per flush. That number doubles to 1.6 gallons per flush for the full flush function. It’s WaterSense certified, and it will help you conserve thousands of gallons of water in a year. As expected, you can take out all your waste in a single flush.

You’ll also appreciate a no-slam mechanism on the toilet’s lid, as it closes silently and slowly. There’s no need to draw any attention to yourself when you’re using it.

Key Features

  1. Reno-Gloss feature
  2. No-slam lid
  3. Porcelain material

What We Like

  1. The lid closes without any noise
  2. The toilet is scratch and stain-resistant
  3. Its height is appropriate for anyone

What We Don’t Like

  1. The toilet is more of a fit for vintage bathrooms
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What We Considered Before Having the Best Dual Flush Toilet Reviews

We put a lot of factors into consideration as we selected out top dual flush toilets. Here are a few of those:

Flushing mechanism: Customers can prefer buttons, knobs, or levers when they flush. We, however, considered how effective the flushing action will be and whether you’ll need to flush more than once to get your waste out.

Water conservation: One of the primary points of having a dual flush toilet is the ability to conserve water. So, that was a top consideration for us as well.

Ease of use: Toilets shouldn’t be too difficult to use. There’s no point having to jump through hoops when you’re just trying to relieve yourself and go back to whatever it is you were doing.

Comfort: We also understand that there are times when you will want just to pass the time. So, the best dual flush toilets should be comfortable to sit on for long.

Design and aesthetic appeal: If you’ve got a modern toilet, then you want everything to look and feel good – even the toilet. The products on our list will be able to match any décor or bathroom standard, whether it’s more of a vintage choice or it’s more contemporary.