Up until last year, I’d argue that toilet seats are a one-size-fits-all thing. However, when my brother-in-law came visiting with his wife, I knew better. He was heavier than DJ Khaled. With only a week using my toilet seat, he complained of backaches every day. There were cracks on my toilet seat after they’d left. It made me rethink. I started to do some research and found out that it’s true. There is a toilet seat for every person.

In this post, I will show you the best toilet seat for heavy people. I tested several, but only these can accommodate your weight and keep you comfortable. If you feel a backache every time you use your toilet, read this.

So, what is the best toilet seat for a heavy person? If you are plus-size, finding things that suit you may be challenging. Toilet seats included. Here are the best toilet seats I have tested (with my heavy-duty brother-in-law and some of his large friends) that can carry heavier weights.

1. Big John 6-W | Best Comfortable Heavy-Duty Toilet Seat

Talking about toilet seats made for the heavy person, Big John is a popular household name. Well, I did not buy it because of its popularity. The store owner told me it was what many fat people that came to her store buy.

The first thing I will mention is how neatly packed this toilet seat is. I was dazzled. The manual is sleek!

The Big John 6-W toilet seat is made with a high-quality high-impact plastic material that is very durable. It comes with standard Big John stainless steel hinges for attaching the lid to the toilet bowl. My favourite part of this toilet seat is how firmly it holds to the sink. That owes to the grippers underneath the toilet seats. They make it very stable on the bowl.

The biggest selling point of this toilet seat is its high-quality material, and how it is made for comfort. It has additional back support with an ergonomic design that keeps you comfortable as you do your business, even for long periods. My in-law was able to put his feet to the ground, but it may not be acceptable for shorter people as the grippers add 1.5 inches to the seat.


  • Additional back support
  • Rubber grippers that hold the seats
  • Easy to clean material


  • It is expensive
  • Lower weight capacity of only 800 lbs.
  • Grippers add 1.5 inches of height

If you are weighing more than 800 lbs., I recommend that you go for something different. Nonetheless, if you can trade off durability for comfort, buy the Big John 6-W now.

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2. Bemis 7800TDG000 | Best Quality Heavy-Duty Toilet Seat

The Bemis 7800TDG000 is a top-quality toilet seat made specifically for an elongated toilet seat. It will work with Kohler, American Standard, TOTO and many more. I tested it on a TOTO.

When I say high quality, I’m talking about the all-round build. Made with injection-moulded solid plastic and non-corrosive stainless steel, the Bemis Heavy duty toilet seat is very durable. The package comes with a manual, bolts and screws.

The design is also made for comfort as It is contoured and has a closed front and fold-down lid. This Bemis model carries a heavyweight up to 1200 lbs. I did not think it would be so easy to install. The makers say it is a STA-TITE fastening system that you can install with a snap. Once you install it, it does not wiggle nor loosen.

The material is so sleek, stain-resistant and so is easy to clean. It has something called the Duraguard feature for protection against microbial agents. Efficient for lovers of cleanness.


  • It is cheap
  • It is easy to install, use and clean
  • Can be used on any type of toilet
  • Great mounting system
  • Stain resistance


  • Not comfortable for long periods

The material is very nice and sturdy. It is easy to clean. However, you can get very uncomfortable if you sit on this toilet seat for too long, and if you are on the older side of the age margin (or got people who are), you want to consider toilets for aged people. Going forward, if you want some premium and aesthetic toilet seats, buy this Bemis – just this one!

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3. Big John 1-W | Best Expensive Heavy-Duty Toilet Seat

From experience, many of the big people I have around say that most of the toilet seats they have seen are poorly designed, and so they break after a few months of usage. All those people agreed that Big John W-1 is not that kind of seat.

The first thing that will catch your fancy is how neatly Big John’s seats are packaged. They give you a manual, bolts and screws in a separate plastic pack.  Now this toilet seat carries up to 1200 lbs. of weight, and It is very wide for an oversized bottom.

The company used a very high-quality ABS plastic, which is extremely high-quality plastic in designing the toilet seat. The material is high-impact and stain and chemical resistant.

The hinges are made out of stainless steel. The Big John 1-W also holds down to the toilet bowl with larger, rubber stabilizing bumpers. Those bumpers made it nice because you can slam the toilet seat without making any noise!

If you spend so much time on the toilet seat, this is the one for you.


  • Durable materials
  • Weight capacity of over 1200 lbs
  • Easily fits both elongated and round toilets.
  • Does not move around
  • Closed front
  • Has back support


  • Somewhat difficult to install
  • Toilet seat doesn’t stay up
  • Too pricey

The Big John W-1 is very expensive, but I promise it is worth every penny. It is by far one of the best toilet seats ever. It is comfortable, made with highly durable materials, for a pain-free experience in the toilet.

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4. Big John 3-W | Best Overweight Heavy-Duty Toilet Seat

If you are looking for comfort, ease of installation, the stability of the toilet seat, and aesthetic design, what fits that description is the Big John 3-W. It is an oversized toilet seat with an open front. I guess that makes wiping easy.

All our testers liked this model from Big John even though it is a bit similar to the 1-W model. The difference is in the open front part and the design. The load capacity of this 3-W is also more massive at 1200 lbs.

The plastic material is sturdy and assuring. You will not have to worry about the stainless steel hinges that give the seats extra strength. Like the 1-W, there are anti slip rubber grippers on this too. You cannot install it without using a wrench or pliers. And therefore, it might take a while.


  • It made with highly durable materials
  • Weight capacity of over 1200 lbs
  • Easily fits both elongated and round toilets.
  • Does not move around


  • Not so easy to install
  • Too pricey

If you like Big John’s, you already know that you are getting your money’s worth. This 3-W is durable, comfortable and aesthetic for lovers of open-front toilet seats.

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5. Big John Sx-0406964 | Best Overweight Heavy Duty Toilet Seat Without Lid

Now, this Big John Sx-0406964 comes without a lid. I like to believe that there are people out there who are irritated by toilet seat lids. This Big John model is recommended for public usage (that is what the store owner told me), but I liked it, so I bought it for testing anyway. I loved it!

It is an oversize toilet seat best for a giant butt. I fear that a little child can hide in it or even fall in it! I think it is good to keep children away from large toilets.

The plastic material is very sturdy as is true with the other Big Johns. It can withstand any weight even more than 1200 lbs. The hinges are strong stainless steel.

This model too has rubber grippers to ensure that the seats don’t slide off the toilet bowl.

The Big John Sx-0406964 is designed for the big person that likes to get comfy.


  • Oversize seat fitting every type of toilet
  • Comfortable
  • Can carry more than 1200 lbs.
  • Seats don’t slide


  • You might have a problem with installing I you don’t do well with pliers and wrenches
  • Expensive

The design of Big John Sx-0406964 protects your back from getting hurt.  If you are extremely overweight, buy this one.

6. American Standard Commercial Toilet Seat | Best Commercial Heavy-Duty Toilet Seat Without Lid

Let’s talk about a toilet seat that can take many fat and overweight butts without strain. That is the American Standard. The brand has a good reputation in the toilet industry for high-quality products. The American Standard 5905.100.020 is an extra heavy duty toilet seat made specifically for rigorous public use.

I said that because of the materials they used to design this toilet seat. We see a strong and sturdy polypropylene plastic material. It can withstand great weight.

It does not have a lid. Public toilets don’t use lids anyway. It is easy to install and fits on any type of toilet. The hinges are very strong. That is why it is used in public places.


  • Comes with back support
  • Can carry heavy loads more than 1200 lbs.
  • Can be used for public
  • Open-front


  • Does not come with any manual or bolts

If you love the natural warmth of wood and want a bathroom with a casual, timeless décor, this would probably be your best bet. I doubt at this moment if there’s a better product out there. This goes without saying, The American standard 5906 toilet seat has got a multi-coat paint finish that looks great and provides long-lasting durability.

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7. Bemis 1000CPT Paramount | Best Closed-front Heavy-Duty Toilet Seat

If you love close-front toilet seats where you will leave your overweight thighs unattended for several hours, you should consider this Bemis 1000CPT Paramount toilet seat. It can support up to 1000 lbs. of weight.

It comes with chrome hinges and is easy to install on any kind of toilet bowls. There is a fastening system of stainless steel that snaps shut and doesn’t come loose to hold the toilet seat down.

The material is a high-quality material so strong that the company gives you a 1 -year warranty.


  • Carries up to 1000 lbs.
  • Sturdy chrome hinges
  • Fits any toilet bowl
  • Bumpers keep the seat secure
  • 1-year warranty


  • Lid slams shut

If you are a lover of comfort, aesthetics and high quality, this one’s for you.

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8. Centoco 900SC-001 | Best Wooden Heavy-Duty Toilet Seat

There are several wooden toilet seats out there, but this one caught my attention. I will tell you why. First of all, I learned that one of the reasons why people shy away from wooden toilet seats is that they get dirty and scratchy. This one is not like that because it is designed with a moulded, thick, polypropylene shell over the wood. This shell ensures that the seat will not crack, chip, flake or fade like other wooden seats.

Overall, the company boasts that they use co-injected moulded wood tech in the design of the toilet seat. That’s cute, whatever it means, it translates to the fact that it is very rugged and strong.

One of the things I love about it is the safety close mechanism that prevents it from slamming down onto the toilet seat. It goes slowly instead.

You can clean the seat without fear of splinters. The material used is non-porous and dirt or scratch-resistant. It is easy to install on an elongated toilet bowl. The only issue I have with the company is that they have separate types. For instance, if you have a round toilet, you have to buy another model.


  • Polypropylene shell over moulded wood
  • Slow closing lid
  • Non-porous and scratch-resistant surface
  • Has suction cups under the hinges to prevent seat movement
  • Super sanitary
  • Comes in four different colors
  • Very cheap


  • The seat is heavy
  • There is a separate model for separate types of toilet bowls

If you like the sturdiness of the wood, consider buying the Centoco model. However, it is a burden for older people or people with challenges as the toilet seat is heavy.

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9. Big John 1200 | Best Plastic Heavy Duty Toilet Seat

Ooh yes, another Big John! I don’t even know how many Big Johns I got for this testing, but they all hold water in their business literally. Big John 1200 is not quite different from all the others. The first noticeable difference is how giant this one is. I chose it because I thought it would be comfortable.

As you know, Big John doesn’t compromise when it comes to the quality of the materials they use. This one is no different there. The plastic is sturdy and can handle weights up to 1200 Lbs. The hinges are stainless steel so that you don’t worry about rust or rot.

It also has rubber grippers like the others we have talked about. This one has taller rubber grippers because the heavier the load, the closer the toilet seat gets to glide and crack off the toilet bowl. You can think of this Big John 1200 as the lidless version of the 3-W.


  • Durable and easy to clean material
  • High weight capacity
  • Contours designed for comfort
  • Fits both elongated and round toilet bowls.
  • The rubber bumpers on the base of the seat ensure that it stays in place


  • An additional height of 2.5 inches due to the tall rubber
  • No lid
  • Pricey

The design of the seat is amazing, but it is not advisable for home use because it has no lid. In all honesty, anybody can use this toilet seat without fear.

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10. Mayfair 1848SLOWB | Second Best Wooden Heavy-Duty Toilet Seat

I kind of have a soft spot for these wooden toilet seats. I think they make a good deal for overweight people. The Mayfair 1848SLOWB is one for an elongated toilet bowl. The material is made with enamelled moulded wood.

It has an STA-TITE feature that is designed not to come loose when you fasten it. It is also designed to close slowly so that the lid does not slam loudly when you close it against the sink.

The company boasts that because of the enamel layer, the toilet seat will do a good job at becoming resistant to chipping and scratching. With that taken, I cannot guarantee that the toilet seat is stain resistant like the Centoco 900SC with a polypropylene shell.

Another eye-catchy feature is the high-gloss finish. When you install the seats, it shines and looks brand new for a long while. However, the paint will start to fade as you use it, and even urine can stain it. Nonetheless, the toilet seat is easy to remove for cleaning and reinstalling.


  • Fastening system ensures seat never comes loose
  • Lid closes slowly
  • Durable material
  • Cheap


  • It is not stain-resistant
  • The gloss finish fades with use


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Buying Guide for Best Toilet Seat for Heavy Person

If you are overweight, I know how hard it is to get suitable things. You need large beds, clothes, and sometimes, shoes. It may even be harder to find a suitable toilet seat that will not injure your back.

I will show you some of the criteria I used in testing toilet seats for heavy people. Here are a few things you should consider before buying a suitable toilet seat.

Your weight

It is important to consider the weight of the person using the toilet. Toilet seats have different maximum weight capacities that vary from model to model. For instance, a person that weighs more than 800 lbs should not use the Big John W-6 for too long.

Stability of the seat

You must also ensure that the toilet seat is sturdy enough to carry your weight without cracking or sliding off. These kinds of seats should have bumpers that will hold them down.


Because most heavy people relax well on toilet seats, the toilet seat must be designed well enough. These oversized toilet seats are usually thicker than regular toilet seats.

Ease of installation

How easy is it to clamp or bolt? If you are not a plumber, you should find a toilet seat that is easy to install in no more than 10 to 20 minutes.


A good toilet seat must be made with strong and durable material. Otherwise, the seat will break after a while. The best materials being wood, high impact plastic, chemical resistant plastic, and polypropylene coating.

Shape and size

Because toilet seats are used on toilet bowls, you will have to use elongated and standard sizes of toilet seats. You should normally buy the right shaped toilet seat that fits the shape of your toilet bowl. Most of the toilet seats on this list can be used on both round and elongated toilet bowls.


Good quality toilet seats have equally fantastic hinges. The hinges support the toilet seat. If the hinges should rot or rust, the toilet seat will sit you in the dirt. You must buy toilet seats with stainless steel or chrome hinges.

Final Words

Indeed, no other person can choose a toilet seat for you. That choice is personal. Still, all of us have preferences. For instance, you may prefer an open front toilet seat to a closed front. We have found that among all the toilet seats in the market, Big John’s, though expensive, is extremely durable. Centoco is wooden, but the shell makes it stain-resistant and durable.

Also, all the seats we have discussed in this article are durable. If you are reading this, I am certain that you have chosen the best heavy-duty toilet seat for a heavy person. Do you know other heavy people who might also find this article helpful? Kindly share.

And one more thing: If you find any product you want to buy, use the link in this article to take you directly to amazon. We get a small commission when you do that. I hope that’s fine 🙂