Pressure assisted toilets are all the rage right now, as they provide effective cleaning and ensure that you don’t have to waste time with flushing time and again. However, the best pressure assisted toilets come with even more advanced features and can help make your time in the bathroom s comfortable and effortless as possible.

If you’re looking to get one, well, we’ve helped make your choice easier. Look through below to see which one piques your fancy:

1. Kohler Highline Classic

It’s almost like there was no way we wouldn’t get a Kohler product on our list of the best pressure assisted toilets. 

In the world of pressure assist toilets, the Kohler Highline Classic has built a bit of a reputation for itself. This iconic toilet has become the stuff of legends, but it’s still just as relevant and practical today as it’s always been.

With a clean ceramic finish, this toilet comes with a universal look that will be able to fit into any interior design seamlessly. It’s also a two-piece toilet, so you know that installation and use will be as easy as possible. 

The toilet comes with Kohler’s ubiquitous elongated bowl design, which provides optimal comfort for your buttocks whenever you sit on it. The comfort height feature will also help provide comfortable sitting and standing, regardless of your height. For people who have mobility or back issues, this is a reliable option for a toilet. 

Of course, we’ve got the pressure assist feature here, and it will help make your flushes stronger and clear waste out of the toilet bowl more effectively.

Key Features

  1. Elongated design 
  2. Comfort height 
  3. Pressure assist feature 

What We Like 

  1. The toilet works great for people with mobility issues
  2. It flushes better than a lot of toilets 
  3. It can link well with other bathroom appliances

What We Don’t Like 

  1. It’s not WaterSense certified
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2. Toto Carlyle II

One feature that pressure assisted toilets have in common with their gravity-fed counterparts is that they also come with different levels of performance. Most people who want the highest performance levels, however, want a heavy-duty toilet. That’s what you get with the Toto Carlyle II. 

Whether you need a toilet for your office or your home, the Toto Carlyle II is a solid option that serves wherever you put it. With this one, you can rest assured that your days of using a plunger on a toilet are history. 

Apart from bringing the elongated design, the toilet also has additional padding that keeps the seat soft while you sit and, well, decompress. 

The Toto Carlyle II also uses a dual-nozzle design that draws water from two openings. When combined, the nozzles create a rushing cyclone motion that will drive wastewater from the toilet bowl and clear out all waste.

Key Features

  1. Elongated toilet
  2. Additional padding
  3. Dual-nozzle design

What We Like

  1. It saves water 
  2. It’s easy to maintain
  3. It’s very comfortable 

What We Don’t like 

  1. Installation is a bit of a challenge 
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3. American Standard 2315.228.020 Baby Devoro

You don’t typically find a pressure assisted toilet coming with a round design. However, some of the best pressure assisted toilets have been able to incorporate it, and it’s worked for them pretty well. One of those is the American Standard 2315.228.020 Baby Devoro. 

Thanks to the unique design, this toilet can effectively direct the flow of water in and around the bowl, thus maximizing the force of flushing. It manages to do all of that while maintaining a beautiful, sleek body that will fit the bathroom quite nicely. 

Note that the round seat is more of a fit for smaller bathrooms. The bowl itself has a rounded design, which directs the water jet to rid the toilet of any wastewater whenever you flush quickly. The toilet also uses just 1.28 gallons of water in a single flush, and you get a chrome trip lever that’s strong and durable. 

Key Features

  1. 10-inch rough-in
  2. Chrome trip lever
  3. Fully glazed trap way 

What We Like 

  1. Conserves water 
  2. Effectively disposes of waste 
  3. East to install 

What We Don’t Like 

  1. It doesn’t come with the toilet seat
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4. Toto Neorest Toilet 

Toto seems to be on fire with this best pressure assisted toilets list, as the manufacturer makes its second entry.  

While this toilet is a bit pricey to begin with, you’ll find that it will be worth every penny. Apart from the pressure assist capability, the toilet comes with some advanced features that will make your dump time even more comfortable. 

To start with, the Toto toilet comes with an automatic flushing system and a remote control that’s very intuitive and easy to use. The downside to it is that you’ll need to keep the remote safe, but when you consider the convenience, you’ll agree that it’s pretty worth it. 

The toilet also comes with Toto’s cyclone siphon jet system, which provides a rush of water whenever you flush. With this, rest assured that you’ll be able to take out every piece of waste effortlessly.

The cyclone siphon system offers a staggering 1 gallon of water per flush, while its partial flush feature uses just 0.8 gallons. If that’s not conservative, we don’t know what is. 

The toilet rounds it all up with a cleansing system, as well as the use of electrolyzed water that keeps the toilet disinfected and clean for as long as possible. 

Ready to open that wallet now?

Key Features

  1. Pressure assist feature
  2. Automatic flushing system
  3. Cyclone siphon jet 

What We Like 

  1. Conserves water
  2. The toilet is hygienic 
  3. Installation and use are easy 

What We Don’t Like 

  1. The toilet is prices
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5. Zurn ADA Dual-Flush Elongated Pressure Assist Toilet 

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Zurn isn’t so popular amongst toilet manufacturers for now. However, the ADA Dual-Flush Elongated Pressure Assist Toilet still has the right premium features to make it to our list of the best pressure assist toilets. With more products like this, the brand should be seeing some more popularity. 

The ADA Dual-Flush Elongated Pressure Assist Toilet is a two-piece toilet that sells for an affordable price. It’s effective and conservative at the same time, and it works great enough to fit both residential and commercial locations. 

The light flush on this toilet uses just 1 gallon of water per flush. The thorough flush, however, uses 1.6 gallons. It’s not the most conservative option out there, but it works nonetheless. 

The toilet also comes with a siphon jet flush system that increases power without consuming too much water. If you wake up to use the bathroom at night, you won’t be waking anyone up when you flush this one. The toilet also comes with an elongated seat, and it’s ADA-compliant, so people with disabilities can use it and relieve themselves comfortably.

Fey features 

  1. Elongated seat 
  2. 1-gallon partial flush 
  3. Siphon jet system

What We Like 

  1. The toilet conserves water 
  2. The toilet is pretty affordable 
  3. It’s comfortable and easy to use

What We Don’t Like 

  1. You’ll need some help with installation 
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6. American Standard 2467.016.020 Cadet

The American Standard 2467.016.020 Cadet is another premium option available on this list. It provides a high-pressure flush, as well as a seamless blend of optimal functions and aesthetic appeal that makes it work for any type of bathroom you’ve got. 

Of course, given that it’s American Standard on this one, there’s not much less you can expect. The product comes with a power flush, which, when combined with its EverClean surface finish, can keep the entire frame of the toilet clean and free of any contaminants.

The product’s build has also been specifically designed to prevent the build-up of mold, mildew, and other forms of bacteria. Your bathroom should be a hygienic space, and the manufacturers of this product understand that. With this product, they’ve done a pretty good job of keeping things so.

The American Standard 2467.016.020 Cadet also operates by giving 1.6 gallons of water whenever you flush it. This isn’t the most eco-friendly option out there, but we’ll take it nevertheless. The product is also WaterSense-certified, so all your water conservation needs are adequately met.

With an elongated design, you know the toilet has your comfort as a concern. It’s also got the right seating, which makes it an excellent choice for people who have mobility issues. Add that with the affordable price, and you’ve got a product that fires on all cylinders.

Key Features

  1. EverClean surface finish
  2. Power flush
  3. 1.6 gallon-per-flush system

What We Like

  1. Eco-friendly
  2. Clean and bacteria-repellent
  3. Durable and long-lasting

What We Don’t Like

  1. Installation is a bit of a challenge
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7. Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth

Hey, look – not everyone can splurge on the cash and spend money on the most outlandish pressure assist toilet on the market today, some people just have enough to get a product at an affordable price.

A lot of the time, however, settling for an affordable price also means not getting your money’s worth and getting subpar features. Well, that’s not the case with the Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth. While it is priced much cheaper than a lot of the products here, the features that you get with this toilet are anything but subpar.

To be clear, the Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth doesn’t have some of the attributes of some of the best pressure assist toilets on this list. However, it packs a severe punch of its own and deserves its spot. For one, it consumes an incredibly low amount of water – 0.8 gallons per flush, in fact. You hardly get more eco-friendly than that.

It’s also ADA-compliant, so you can sit and stand easily and comfortably. People with joint, muscle, and mobility problems will find this product to be a joy to have.

The product swaps out a trip lever for a button on the tank, which pushes water through the waste outlet. That’s pretty convenient too, and when you consider the amount of water you get to save, you should be more than happy with it.

Key Features

  1. Button flush
  2. ADA-compliant
  3. 0.8 gallons-per-flush

What We Like

  1. Optimal water conservation
  2. Comfortable to use
  3. Easy to maintain

What We Don’t Like

  1. The flushing power isn’t so strong
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How We Selected Our Pressure Assisted Toilets


The brands were one of the most significant features we put into consideration because a lot of brands that have moved into pressure assist toilets have been able to make a name for themselves already.

We strongly believe that these brands have built products that can last, and we know they always bring their A-game whenever it comes to quality.

At the same time, we also believe that e some lesser-known brands are doing some great stuff as well. We would like to give them a chance to show what they’ve got, so we decided to include them on the list as well.


You will most likely find that pressure assisted toilets are slightly more expensive than a lot of other toilets out there. This is because they have tighter mechanics in their parts, which also require some additional complex tuning.

So, the build has a higher overhead cost on its own. If you have a home with low water pressure, then you’ll find that the additional money you pay for a pressure assisted toilet is much more than worth it.

However, there are some choices on here that are also priced moderately. They might sacrifice a premium feature or two, but they still provide the best of both worlds as far as affordability and features are concerned.

What You Can Get from vPressure Assisted Toilets

A strong flush

The pressure you get from the best pressure assisted toilets will get rid of any waste in a single flush. The toilets are reliable and fast, and they’ll get rid of all the waste without the need to flush once more.

In fact, the older pressure assisted toilets still do well in this regard and should be able to give the newer models a run for their money.

Great for houses in humid climates

In humid climates, the condensation of the toilet tank is worse. This metric, also known as tank sweat, can be a bit of a concern in the bathroom because it provides space for bacteria and molds to grow. By eliminating it, pressure assist toilets reduce the opportunity for these microorganisms to grow, thus protecting you and everyone who comes to use your bathroom.

Their bowls are cleaner

Pressure assisted toilets use high-powered flushing to ensure that a toilet bowl is clean after the flush. There are no residue materials left after the flush – it’s all clean.