The world is fast evolving with the passing of each day. It is therefore only natural that every aspect evolves with it, toilets inclusive. Toilets these days are being designed with ease and comfort in mind, hence the introduction of a raised toilet seat with arms and legs. The importance of a raised toilet seat with arms and legs ranges from helping with hip or knee pains, recuperating from a surgery to merely just providing comfort. However, given the plethora of toilets available in this nature, we’ve gone ahead to give you some pointers. Look through and see which works best for you:

1. Drive Medical 11148-1 Steel Folding Bedside Commode, Grey Bariatric Toilet

  The Drive Medical Commode is a raised toilet seat with arms and legs which comes with an elastic cord that allows the legs to be folded up to reduce size. This feature is very impressive as it allows for easy for storage and transportation. It also has a durable plastic snap-on seat as well as a lid that installs without pushing buttons. Its width is 18 inches between the arms and 22.5 inches outside of the arms. The inclusion of a Grey powder-coated steel increases its strength and durability and its legs being able to fold up in the smallest commode is one of its most attractive feature. Drive Medical Commode comes complete with 7.5 quart commode bucket as well as a handle to carry it with. It also comes along with a cover and splash shield. In addition, it ranks number 1 in Amazon’s bedside commodes.

Key Features

  • Snap buttons which easily open for setup
  • Ability to fold up into the smallest commode
  • A 7.5 qt. commode bucket with carry handle

What We Like

  • It is easy to install
  • Its strength and durability
  • Easy to clean

What We Don’t Like

  • The seat is too small
  • It is not very sturdy
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2. Carex 3.5 Inch Raised Toilet Seat with Arms – For Elongated Toilets

The Carex 3.5 Inch is a raised Toilet seat which provides the elderly, handicapped, disabled as well as those recovering from injury or surgery with reliable support while using the toilet. It also affords these individuals safety to help them sit and get down from the toilet easily and conveniently. This toilet seat made the list of raised toilets with arms and legs because its elevated toilet seat with arms adds 3 1/2 inches of height to your toilet seat. In addition to this, it provides a secure, reliable as well as an elevated fit for standard elongated toilets. It is stuffed with removable foam as well as support rails which gives you that comfortable, non-slip effect for a firm grip as well as support when sitting or getting off the toilet. One of the reasons the Carex 3.5 inch raised toilet seat made the list of our raised toilet with arms and legs is because no installation tools are required. The toilet seats hardware kit allows easy installation and removal on almost every toilet in seconds. This Carex 3.5 Inch toilet seat also allows for easy cleaning with the average toilet disinfectant. It was also built for safety and functionality in mind as this toilet riser is made up of heavy-duty, lightweight and easy to clean molded plastic that supports up to 250 pounds. This in turn ensures that the individual is provided with safety and support when using the bathroom.

Key Features

  • The toilet seat lifts easily and quickly attaches to your standard toilet
  • It elevates the toilet’s height by 3.5 inches thereby helping users to sit and get off easily
  • The toilet seat lifter is fitted with padded and adjustable arms

What We Like

  • Easy and Quick Installation
  • It is easy to clean

What We Don’t Like

  • Poorly designed
  • The screws are not tight enough
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3. Vive Stand Alone Toilet Rail

The ability to seat and stand safely is one of the reasons the Vive Stand Alone Toilet Rail made our list of raised toilets with arms and legs. Not only can it accommodate up to 300 lbs, this firm stand-alone toilet rail also ensures the safety and security of whoever sits on it by providing the balance needed when sitting down or standing up in the bathroom. It is also perfect for the elderly, handicapped as well as those recovering from injury or surgery as the rail prevents slips and falls for additional peace of mind. This freestanding toilet rail is easy to assemble. It requires no tools and the handles can also be easily removed for convenient storage. Lightweight and durable, the frame is corrosion resistant which makes it the perfect product which would stick around for a long time. Its rail handles are padded with soft foam to ensure a pain-free support. This foam padding also creates a comfortable non-slip surface for a secure grip when sitting or standing. The handles and frame can also easily be cleaned by wiping down with a standard disinfectant solution.

Key Features

  • The safety rail base is a wide 26.5” making it easy to fit into smaller bathrooms.
  • Its bottom rails add the effect of tip-proof stability to the frame.
  • Safety rails it contains can be used with both standard or elongated toilets

What We Like

  • The handles are comfortable and don’t slip easily
  • It is portable
  • Easy to assemble

What We Don’t Like

  • It does not accommodate a lot of weight
  • Takes up a lot of space
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4. Medline Toilet Safety Rails

You might be wondering why the Medline Toilet Safety Rails made our list of raised toilet seat with arms and legs. This is simply because of its versatility. The handles are adjustable and can rotate back to allow a wide range of comfortable and safe positions. This toilet rail contains closed cell foam armrests which provide a comfortable and secure grip. It is also great for elderly or adults who are recovering from surgical procedures. Toilet safety frame is also quite flexible as it can adjust in height from 26 to 31 inches which could accommodate either a standard or elevated toilet seat. Another reason the Medline Toilet Safety rails made our list of raised toilet seat with arms and legs is because it is easy to clean as well as assemble.

Key Features

  • Tool free assemble
  • Fits all standard sized toilets
  • Aluminum frame mounts securely onto bowl

What We Like

  • Installation is easy and tool-free
  • The legs also lift up and this allows for easy cleaning of the floor
  • Commode compatibility

What We Don’t Like

  • The rails wobble a bit
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5. RMS Toilet Safety Frame & Rail – Folding & Portable Bathroom Toilet Safety Rails

The RMS Toilet Safety Frame and Rail makes this list of raised toilet seat with arms and legs because it is an ideal daily living aid for anyone who suffers from limited mobility. It is a foldable and portable toilet safety frame which requires no assembly and fits right around the toilet seat. Its arm rests are made of durable foam to which ensure repeated usage as well as the ability to accommodate up to 300 LBS. This toilet seat’s soft and comfy grip also makes it relatively easy to sit and get off the toilet. With the dimensions of 20” width between arms and a height adjustable 28” to 36” inches from the floor to top of arm, it is a perfect fit for most toilets. The RMS Toilet Safety Frame is also fully foldable which allows for easy storage or to carry along when travelling. It could simply be folded and set aside whenever it is not in use.

Key Features

  • Has an easy tool-free design
  • Is a perfect fit for both standard and elongated toilets
  • It could accommodate a lot of weight

What We Like

  • Installation is quite easy
  • It is comfortable
  • The hands are adjustable

What We Don’t Like

  • It is not price friendly
  • Cannot accommodate toilets with padded seats
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6. Maddak Tall-Ette Elevated Toilet Seat with Extra Wide Seating Surface and Steel Legs (725882000)

The Maddak Tall-Ette is an elevated toilet seat for standard or elongated toilet bowls. With its foam armrests for extra stability, it is little wonder that it made our list of raised toilet seat with arms and legs. Its steel legs can be maneuvered to fit toilet height and the bracket helps to prevent slipping. However, there is the requirement that you measure your toilet before purchasing.

Key Features

  • Its steel legs can be adjusted to fit toilet height
  • Foam arm rests

What We Like

  • The foam arm rests are comfortable to lean on
  • It is quite wide

What We Don’t Like

  • It is not exactly a perfect fit for elongated toilets
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7.  PCP Raised Toilet Seat and Safety Frame (Two-in-One)

The PCP 7007 elevated toilet seat doubles as both a stability safety frame and also a raised toilet seat. Being ideal for patient recovery from knee, hip fracture, back, lower body surgery, strains as well as muscle injuries, it is no surprise that the PCP 7007 makes the list of raised toilet seat with arms and legs. It is also a medical grade, lightweight toilet seat which is quite portable and can be moved between bathrooms. This means that it is easy to set aside when not in use. The PCP 7007 was designed for limited mobility, including elderly people, the disabled and therefore makes cleaning easier for caregivers. It is pre-assembled and also includes a molded plastic seat with a splash guard to direct the waste straight into toilet. The PCP 7007 accommodate as much as 275 pounds and can fit into narrow sized bathrooms as a result of its compact size. In addition, it could also fit numerous varieties of toilet bowl shapes and rims and could be utilized by feeble, weak and recovering patients with little or no strength for mobility.

Key Features

  • It doubles as a stability safety frame & raised toilet seat
  • Molded plastic seat with a splash guard
  • It can fit into tight spaces

What We Like

  • Its small sturdy frame
  • The design is simple and it is easy to use
  • It can fit into a variety of toilet seats

What We Don’t Like

  • It is not wide enough
  • It is quite expensive
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What We Considered Before Choosing the Best Toilet Seat With Arms and Legs

Before you get a raised toilet seat with arms and legs, there are several factors that you will need to consider. Below are some of them as well as the yardsticks that we used in selecting them:


In selecting a raised toilet seat with arms and legs, it is very important that you select a portable and versatile product. This is because the sizes of toilets vary and it would be better to get a compact size product that would be able to fit into any toilet, whether big or small.

Ease of Installation

The importance of this feature cannot be overemphasized. This is because it is more convenient to get a raised toilet seat with arms and legs that is pre-assembled or one which can easily be installed by following the instructions of a manual without spending extra money on hiring a plumber.

Convenience and Ease

The major aim and purpose of getting a raised toilet seat with arms and legs is to ensure ease and comfort while using the toilet, regardless of whom will be using it. It is for this reason that one of the criteria in picking out the toilet seat with arms and legs on our list is ease and convenience.


It is also important to keep it simple when picking a raised toilet seat with arms and legs as elderly people or recovering patients do not need something hard or complicated to maneuver.


Final Thoughts

Human beings seek comfort and ease in their everyday life. This is one of the reasons people decide to get a raised toilet seat with arms and legs. However, its uses are not limited to the mere attainment of ease. Be it knee, hip or any other type of joint pain, raised toilet seats help with such. It is also quite useful for convalescents as well as patients from all works of life recuperating or recovering from different surgical procedures. In addition, it is important to take into consideration the space available in your home before purchasing a raised toilet seat with arms and legs. This is to avoid purchasing one which would take up all the space in your bathroom and thereby inconvenience you and others using this toilet. With any of the raised toilet seat with arms and legs listed above, one could easily enjoy the same comfort felt when sitting down in the living room while using the toilet. That has got to be the coolest thing ever!  


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