Disability is an issue that quite a lot of people have to deal with at some point. Depending on what form of issue they’re dealing with, a lot of people who have disabilities struggle with performing some of the most basic tasks – one of them is going to the toilet. Hence, the urge to curate this list of the best toilet seat for the disabled.

Thankfully, a lot of bathroom equipment manufacturers have found ways around this issue. they’ve been able to develop special toilets for the disabled, thus helping them to work around their physical challenges and still ease themselves easily.

In this guide, we’ll show some of the most impressive and effective of these toilets.

1. KOHLER K-3817-0 Memoirs Toilet | Our Top Toilet Seat For Disabled

Kohler has proven to be perhaps the most versatile manufacturer of anything that has to do with toilets. The company has products for just about everyone, and it’s little wonder why they top our list of the best toilet seat for the disabled.

With the KOHLER K-3817-0 Memoirs Toilet, the firm shows that they have a soft spot for the disabled and are willing to help make things better for them as they go to ease their bowels.

The toilet’s container measures 17-19 inches from the floor, making it a perfect choice for disabled persons. It’s an elongated toilet, of course, so it provides additional comfort and room for users to enjoy as well.

The toilet also comes with the ubiquitous comfort height feature that makes it simpler to sit down and stand up – especially for adults. People looking for wheelchair-accessible toilets can also get this one.

Flushing power is an impressive feature here too, as the toilet comes with a canister flush valve that will eliminate all waste without costing you much water. This especially has been a much-loved feature of trending toilets and of course, has added to why we crowned this product the overall best toilet seat for disabled. You use just 1.28 gallons of water with every flush, so while the toilet might not get all your waste out in a single flush, it at least conserves water to a great degree.

It’s a two-piece toilet, so installation is easy. Note, however, that you will need to purchase the seat and supply line separately.

Key Features

  1. 17-19-inch toilet container
  2. elongated bowl
  3. canister flush valve

What We Like

  1. Easy to install
  2. Comfortable to sit on and stand up
  3. Wheelchair-accessible

What We Don’t Like  

  1. Doesn’t come with all its parts
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2. Vive Hinged Toilet Seat Riser

Vive is another popular toilet manufacturer that has managed to carve out a niche for itself. Their specialty is making comfortable, raised toilet seat for the elderly and handicapped people – so, tis fits pretty much right into their wheelhouse.

With the Vive Hinged Toilet Seat, these guys have spun gold once again. The seat itself is lightweight and portable, thus making installation an easy process. It’s an elongated seat riser that will add some extra height to the toilet seat and make it easy for a user to sit down and stand up.

The seat riser is convenient to attach to any standard toilet bowl, and you’ll especially love the fact that you don’t need any tools to get the installation done.  With a heavy-duty plastic material, you can rest assured that the toilet riser won’t crack under pressure and will last you for long.

Key Features

  1. Heavy-duty plastic material
  2. ADA-compliant
  3. Comfortable with elongated seat  

What We Like

  1. Lightweight
  2. It’s very easy to install
  3. It lasts long

What We Don’t Like

  1. It’s not great for round toilet seats
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3. American Standard 2467016.020 Cadet

Several brands have become a fixture in any toilet ranking because of their largesse and industry experience. American Standard is one of those brands, and they’ve managed to have a product on our list of the best toilets for the handicapped.

When you get the package for the American Standard 2467016.020 Cadet, you only get a tank and the bowl. There’s no seat included in the boxy – while having to get a seat might not be to convenient, it does provide you with a great opportunity to find a seat that works for you.

Still, this toilet has some comfortable features that deserve to be mentioned. Its bowl is elongated, so you get optimal comfort out of it. The 16½ height also makes the toilet easily accessible for anyone – regardless of whether they have a disability or not.

As for other features, you’re pretty much set with this bad boy. For instance, it’s got an EverClean surface on the container that will reduce the growth of bacteria and other potentially harmful microorganisms.

The toilet’s bowl also has a pressure-assisted siphon jet action which ensures that it will get cleaned in one flush. A single flush uses 1.6 gallons of water, so while it’s not the most economical choice, it still goes quite a long way.

Of course, the fact that the container gets clean after each flush is an added advantage. However, you should note that the flushing mechanism is a tad noisy. If you don’t want people to know you just went #2, this might be a challenge.

Key Features

  1. Elongated bowl
  2. 1.6 gallons per flush
  3. EverClean surface

What We Like

  1. The toilet basically cleans itself
  2. You only need to flush once
  3. It’s very comfortable

What We Don’t Like

  1. The flushing action is noisy
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4. Toto CST412MFNo.11 Aquia Dual Flush Toilet

Part of what makes a toilet great for handicapped people is having an accessible system. It also doesn’t hurt to look pretty damn good in a bathroom while you’re at it. For that sweet blend of a great design and easy accessibility, the Toto CST412MFNo.11 Aquia Dual Flush Toilet is your guy.

The toilet comes without a toilet seat, so you’re free to purchase any one that you feel will be great for you. Still, it’s pretty comfortable on the whole. The tank set is light and easy to install. The toilet bowl is elongated (ergo, comfortable), and it’s also a chic product that you’ll love to have in your bathroom.

The toilet will also be good on your utility bill, thanks in no small part to the dual-MAX flushing system. It saves you a significant amount of water, and you’re sure that it will flush out all your waste in one full sweep.

The toilet also consumes 1.6 gallons of water per flush. For water preservation, here’s your guy.

You’ll also love the universal height feature that makes it possible for anyone to feel comfortable while using it – irrespective of their height. This, combined with the elongated bowl, makes the toilet a solid option for handicapped people. The Vitreous China material has an excellent scrub and stain, and the toilet even has a dual-flush option available.

On the dual-flush system, you’re able to consume 0.9 gallons per flush for the liquid waste. The solid waste option is what goes for 1.6 gallons.

Key Features

  1. Dual-flush option
  2. Dual-MAX flushing system
  3. Elongated seat

What We Like

  1. Comfortable to use
  2. It conserves a lot of water
  3. Looks great in any bathroom

What We Don’t Like

  1. It’s a bit of a chore to clean

5. KOHLER K-3754-0 Kelston Toilet

When it comes to niche products, there’s usually one brand that takes the cake. In terms of the best toilets for handicapped people, that brand appears to be Kohler.

The second product on our list from the manufacturer is the KOHLER K-3754-0 Kelston Toilet – a toilet that is simple and easy to use, and which will fit into just about any bathroom setting seamlessly.

With a sleek look and design, this baby is hard to miss. It is a two-piece toilet that’s easy to set up and install – so, that’s one benefit that handicapped people would love to take advantage of. The toilet is also compact and space-saving, so people with smaller bathrooms will have no trouble fitting it in.

As expected, the presence of a Comfort Height feature is what makes this toilet so great for disabled people. Thanks to that, people in wheelchairs will have no trouble with moving on and off the toilet. The same goes for sitting and standing, and the comfort height feature is only complemented by the elongated toilet design.

In terms of flushing, you’ve also got a solid option here. The toilet comes with the AquaPiston flushing system, which thrusts water at a 360-degree angle whenever you flush. Thu, water covers just about everywhere, and your pot is completely clean in one flush.

The toilet’s tank also comes with a yellow seal that will fight any possible leaks. So, issues like shrinkage and tearing won’t be a problem for you.

Key Features

  1. AquaPiston flushing system
  2. Yellow seal
  3. Comfort height

What We Like

  1. Easy to move from a wheelchair to the toilet seat
  2. The toilet is easy to install
  3. It comes with everything you need

What We Don’t Like

  1. The toilet isn’t self-cleaning, so you’ll have to take care of that chore
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What to Look For When Purchasing a Toilet Seat for Disabled

This is a bit of a challenge, especially because there are several physical disabilities that exist. However, there are some premium features that you should consider, regardless of what the physical disability is:

Wheelchair accessibility

If you have a disability that confines you to a wheelchair, then you’ll need a toilet seat that is wheelchair-accessible. Essentially, this means that you will be able to do your business without having to do much work to get on the toilet.

It will especially come in handy when you’re really pressed for time and you have to use the toilet immediately.

Ease of installation and use

Ease of installation is an important feature to consider for disabled people, as it means they won’t have much work to do to get the toilet up and running. At the same time, you should also consider ease of use since you won’t want to jump through several hoops just to ease yourself.


It goes without saying that the best toilet seat for the disabled will need to be comfortable. Even people who aren’t disabled look out for this – you can imagine how much more people with disabilities will require it.


When a toilet is able to conduct self-cleaning functions, it takes another significant load off the shoulders of the user. So, it goes without saying that disabled people will have to look out for this one as well.